Optimize Your Payment Transactions With BB&T Bank And SAP

With the Commerce Gateway Payables (CGP) of BB&T Bank it’s easy to send payments to your business partners. To do this, create a payment file in your current ERP-system, upload it and then authorize the payment on the Commerce Gateway. Your payments will be significantly more efficient and reduce high process costs. In addition, you optimize your cash conversion cycle and reduce your risk of payments fraud.

Customizing is easy and flexible in SAP

The format used is a proprietary format, which means there are no standardized templates or payment medium formats. However, SAP supports you with a number of tools such as the Data Medium Exchange Engine (DMEE) or the Payment Medium Workbench (PMW), which can be used to map the necessary structures.

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The payment medium can then be created as usual using the periodic payment run in SAP. Do you have questions about integration with SAP? Contact us.

Further information concerning CGP you’ll find here: